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March 12, 2010 / littlefooteslab

a rant and a new love

Yesterday, I made a trip with Sarah S to Fabric Depot.

It was scary.

The kind of scary when you feel yourself losing control of a situation.

There was just SO MUCH FABRIC.


The thing about Fabric Depot is that it is totally frumpy and ugly. I hate the web site. I hate the outside of the store. The parking lot is horrendous. There are too many trickety gimmicky items littering the check out aisle and shelves by the cutting counter.


They really do have a bigger and better selection of fabric than any of the other shops in town.  I still like to go to the local neighborhood shops, like Bolt or The Whole 9 Yards, for special or specific fabrics.  However, Fabric Depot does have a good selection.

I have been a naysayer (at least in my mind if not publicly) about the store for ages. It’s all the WAY out on NE 122nd. For this west side girl, that is just TOO far.  Several friends have mentioned how much they like shopping for fabric there, but I just didn’t really get into it.

Recently, my friend Rebecca, of The Mighty R and R, mentioned that she gets coupons in email, so I signed up too and am happy I did.  They send out a pdf that has all the sales listed, online and in store versions, as well as contains four(!) 40% off one item coupons, one for each week of the month. This is like gold to me. I love a good deal.

This week everything in the store is 25% off. Honestly, I think the regular prices are a little on the high end for a big box style store, but with the sale, there are some really good deals. Additionally, today and tomorrow all fabric is 35% off.

I also used to think, before last night, that they just had frumpy, boring fabric.  A reflection of all the public faces the store has. But that’s not the case. They have that stuff, but they also have modern, fun, crisp, exciting fabric. (this is why I felt like I was losing control)

I want to go back. I haven’t yet because I am scared.  Scared of spending too much. Scared of the insanity that might be going down inside the store. Last night, Sarah and I both felt sensory overload. We compared it to Ikea.  It was fairly empty of shoppers, since we were there from 7:30 until about 9(which is when they close) I can only imagine that today and tomorrow would be even more insane.  Maybe if I took some kind of downer first, I could go in and just remain chilled out. (kidding) (kind of)

Also, I have been interested in supporting local businesses lately. WELL.  Check out history of the store.  It’s the same people behind the local FabricLand chain that was taken over by JoAnn’s. Don’t you miss FabricLand?  I know I do. So, shopping at FD is shopping local! (most of the products are not local, but that is true of ALL fabric stores)  (maybe  not Pendleton Woolen Mills but I am not even sure about that)

ANYWAY.  I started writing this post because I wanted to tell you that I have some new things in the works.  Things that will go into the etsy shop.  I’m excited.  Stay tuned. This is just starting to get good.


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  1. moma / Mar 16 2010 1:18 pm

    i wanna go, i wanna go!

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