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April 20, 2010 / littlefooteslab

P-Dub in PDX

Last night I had the pleasure of attending an author lecture and book signing at Powell’s Books with Rebecca.  The wonderful Pioneer Woman, aka Ree Drumond, aka P-Dub, came to Portland!

It was great.  I got there at 4:30ish and the place was already crawling with fans.  The event was set to start at 6, but with such a loyal following, P-Dub draws an early crowd.  The guy in charge told me that the turn out was similar for David Sedaris !

Look at all the fans! There are people lined up all the way out into the mall!

A blurry P-Dub

Once P-Dub got through the traffic and insanity that is driving in Beaverton (the event was at the Powell’s at Cedar Hills Crossing) she said a quick hello and the answered questions for about half an hour from the audience.  It was funny, interesting, and genuine.  I think that description applies to her blog and that is why people love her so.  I feel like I know her, and I sort of couldn’t think of much to ask her that she hadn’t already talked about on the blog.

Then we hung out and got our cookbooks signed.  Yay!

left to right : P-Dub, Me.

I’ve used a lot of her recipes from the blog, and am really looking forward to cooking out of her book.  It’s such a lovely cookbook too.  Full of great photos, thorough instructions, and fun stories.  Also, the recipes are not gourmet, just good old home cooking.  I probably will need to be careful not to cook out of it exclusively though, many if not all, of her recipes include butter and heavy cream!  Yum!  But, I really can’t afford a new wardrobe!  :)

Thanks for coming to Portland, Pioneer Woman!  It was such a treat to meet you.

UPDATE:    You too can have the Pioneer Woman Cooks in your home! click here to buy it from



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  1. Brandy / Apr 20 2010 5:37 pm

    Love your picture with P-dub! Hope you and Rebecca didn’t have to wait too long for your turn with her! It was so fun last night! Great meeting you!

    I finally posted my recap on my site with the videos. I am bummed that my videos have some shake in them (real bad at times!). It was hard to video and take pictures of her – and also check on Maggie! :) Still, am glad to have the videos of her fun Q & A!

    • littlefooteslab / Apr 21 2010 3:41 pm

      We were there until about 8:30! And there were still about 200 tickets after us and then all the people that didn’t have tickets. (I think a lot of the people with out ticket left before they got their book signed)

      It was really fun though!

      Cool, I’ll head over to your blog in a bit and check out the video. :)

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