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April 21, 2010 / littlefooteslab

I had a really good day yesterday (today too)!

I just thought I’d share that thought with you.

Yesterday totally rocked.  I was really tired due to not getting much sleep the night before because I was sleeping on an air mattress in the church basement.  Normally this wouldn’t phase me a bit, but I hurt my back recently, and I just could not get comfortable.  *le sigh*  Not to worry though.  I came home a took a nap for around 30 minutes and awoke feeling sluggish, but much better.

I vacuumed, which is lame, but it totally got my blood flowing and woke me up.  Then I worked on new pillow designs for most of the day.  I was DELIGHTED to reconnect with a high school friend on facebook and etsy!  Yay!  Then Margaret came over after she got off work and we chatted and it was great.  She and her husband are getting ready to open a food cart called The Pepper Box in the next few weeks, so between those preparations and her more than full time architecture job, she is really busy.  It’s an exciting time though.  It was great to see her.

I also posted three blogs posts yesterday and somehow I had 106 people come to my blog!  Just yesterday!  An average number for me is around 15.  Some days are less, some days are more, but since I’m just getting going, I figure that it’s fine.  Yesterday was awesome though. :)  Also I made another sale on etsy! Yay!

Today was also great.  Danny came by this morning and dropped off some plants dug up from his yard for me to plant in mine (Thanks Jessica and Danny!)  Then I ran some errands.  After lunch I worked in the yard and enjoyed the spring time weather which was changing by the minute.  No rain in my yard today though.  It was great.

I had a yummy dinner of leftover chicken, quinoa, and salad.  Now I am getting set to work on mustaches and pillows.  I am getting things ready to take my shop to Last Thursday on Alberta next week.  (only if it’s not raining though)

So, I need to buckle down and make some stuff.

I’m excited.

Please come by my table and say hello.  :)

I’ll post more info next week.



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  1. moma / Apr 21 2010 9:47 pm

    Have fun, Katie! We’ll be at the cabin but please tell me every detail on Friday!

  2. Rebecca / Apr 22 2010 10:33 am

    Sounds like a great day. Enjoy last thursday, I vended there once last summer it is a lot of fun.

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