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April 22, 2010 / littlefooteslab

food for the summer.

I planted my garden today.  There are only one or two more additions to make, so I think the main job is done.  Now it’s just tending the thing all summer.

And eating the yummy veggies all summer.

And sharing the yummy veggies with friends all summer.

I give you a snap shot of the garden just after the first watering. . .

yikes. huge garden. please come over and help me with the harvest.

The COOLEST thing happened while I was planting the parsley — the sun was shining so my shadow was falling on the ground in front of me.  I noticed a hummingbird! right above my shoulder in the shadow!  So I quickly looked up and the little zippy thing was hovering right by me!  Then he flew away.  So cool!  I hope he comes back to check out the plants and hangs out in my yard for a while.  I have several hummingbird friendly plants in the yard now, I hope to see a lot of humming birds!

THEN, another cool thing happened.  One of the two  scrub jays that are building their nest near my yard came by to say hello and see what building materials I had available.  He stayed nearby for a while.  Yesterday he was gathering twigs and grass about 10 feet away from me.  Just didn’t even care that I was there.

It’s cool to see the “wildlife” in the yard.  I think the yard is really taking shape.  It’s funny to think about how it was when I bought the place not quite a year ago.  The grass was four feet tall!

what a mess

it barely seems like the same place!


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