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April 27, 2010 / littlefooteslab

Paper Pots Show and Tell – pt. 2

I wanted to give you an update to the  first pots post that I shared with you.  It occurred to me that I might not have explained the proper way to grow stuff in these.  Okay, so you can get all expensive and buy special lights and things and set it all up in your home.  That would work well, and I am sure you’d get even better result than you will with my method.

But, I am looking at this as a low-cost way to start some seeds, so I completely skip the special lights and special set up.

You need a lot of light and good air circulation.  I do not have a good place inside my home that fits these criteria that would accommodate more than one pot, so mine are out on my back stoop, which is southern facing, so it’s in the light all day. This is key.  You want to put the pots somewhere they will be in light for as many hours as possible.  If they are outside, just pay a little attention to the weather report, if it’s going to freeze overnight, bring them in.

All I do it set the pots with soil and seeds in them in some kind of tray.  It needs to be able to hold a bit of water, I’d say 1/4 inch deep minimum.  Since mine are outside, a little overflow is no big deal, but if yours are inside, keep the potential for water spillage in mind when selecting the tray.

Initially, I water the pots from the top side, but just for the first watering.  Then, pour water into the tray and let the pots soak it up from below.  This will encourage the roots to grow deeper and it will help prevent mold from growing on the top.   Keep an eye on the little guys everyday, if they are starting to dry out, add more water.  We want to keep this puppies moist.  I think the seeds have to sort of rehydrate before they will sprout, and then once they do sprout they are thirsty little guys!

Then, once the sprouts have a few sets of leaves on them go ahead and plant the whole thing in the ground.  The paper will disintegrate naturally and you’ll have a gorgeous garden!

I planted a few of my starts recently, and many of them were busting out the bottom of the paper, just as planned.  it’s so cool to see a plan coming together!


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