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May 4, 2010 / littlefooteslab

Check list update

A while ago, specifically, March 4th, two months ago today, I wrote this post, in which I listed a whole bunch of things I wanted to do in and around my house this spring.  I thought I’d take this opportunity to see how I’m doing on the list.  Call it being accountable, call it ‘fessing up to what I have and haven’t done, call it whatever you want.  It just feels like the right time to look into it.

– – – –  original list in orange  – – – –

paver or gravel patio

I have not started the patio area yet.  maybe soon though. ?

wood structure to support wisteria

I’ll do this at the same time as the patio I think.

rototill areas for planting

CHECK!  Danny and Dad each helped me get this one done.

vegetable garden

CHECK!  Veggies planted!  I have a few things yet to plant, but the bulk of the planting is completed.  I had to cover a bunch of stuff this evening because there is a likely chance of frost tonight.  It’s May 4th! FROST!  June is less than a month away!  I am glad I happened to be paying attention.  I would hate to have frost kill off my lovelies at this point.

shade garden

Well, I have started preping the area for this, and I have planted a few things, but there is still a lot of work to do.  soon.


Flowers are coming in and they are lovely.

who cares about the lawn?  well, i’ll maintain what I have and not worry too much about the lumpiness and the weediness.

Still have the same mentality about this.

trees , for shade and structure. this will take a while to grow in, but I can get them planted this year.  And did you hear that the city of portland will reimburse up to $50 for select trees???  I’m totally going to do that.

Well, this one is partly done.  I planted my little dogwood (aka puppywood) and I planted a pretty large Elm that was marked down to $10.  I would like more trees, but it just hasn’t happened yet.

compost bin  – right now it’s just a heap it tends to migrate out as the summer progresses.

This has been started but is not completed.  Maybe in the next week or so I can finish this up.

fence / gate on east side of house.

CHECK!  Thanks to Dad and Danny this one is all set.  I drew it up and bought all the supplies and Dad and Danny came over and put in the hard work to get it done quickly.  Yay!



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  1. moma / May 4 2010 7:45 pm

    Busy, great times!

  2. Rachel Vidoni / May 4 2010 8:13 pm

    I love your to-do list. It reminds me a lot of mine. Still haven’t put the seedlings in the ground yet (hardening them off this week.) Still haven’t weeded the beds in preparation for said seedlings. I have been working on our compost bin, and we did have the house painted (boy did it need it) so I’m making a little progress. Where was blogging everyday on your list? :) Keep it up! I’m doing the blogathon too. Four days down, 27 more to go!

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