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May 5, 2010 / littlefooteslab

Surprises are fun

I’ve been working on a surprise for my dad yesterday an today.  I don’t think he reads my blog, but I don’t want to take any chances so I will tell you all about it after I give it to him Saturday.  It’s a good one though.  I am excited. : )

I have made him a special cookie recipe several times as a gift or a thank you for helping me with a project.  I haven’t made them lately because he is watching his cooking intake, and really does not need a whole batch of these lying about.  They are too yummy to pass up.

Okay, here’s the deal, start with this recipe . . . chocolate cookies.  Oh wow.  These are good.  Simple and good.  (I am noticing the date on the posting, February 2000.  I have been making these since the recipe was first posted.  That’s been TEN YEARS!) (Wow.  I didn’t realize I’d been friends with these little gems that long)

That is not quite enough though.  After the cookies have been baked and cooled, I whip up a batch of my grandmother’s Coconut Pecan Icing, you know, the stuff on German Chocolate Cake, and make little sandwiches with the icing and the chocolate cookies.

These puppies are soooo good.  It really helps with the sandwich process if you’ve used a cookie scoop so that your cookies match up nicely when putting the sandwich halves together.

German Chocolate Cake has been my dad’s favorite for as long as I can remember.  That is why I thought of this combo. I knew he’d like it and it turns out I was right. Yay!

So, when I am being lazy and don’t feel like making the sandwiches, I make these. . . double chocolate coconut cookies.  They are winners too. Oh boy, are they winners too.



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  1. moma / May 5 2010 9:18 pm

    You are an awesome daughter! Dad will love his surprise!

  2. Andrea Parker / May 7 2010 4:12 am

    Once I also started sunflowers. They all came up really nicely but the birds ate the seeds from them! I was so disappointed because I started them to get the seeds to eat. I don’t know how one keeps this from happening.

  3. Brandy / May 8 2010 7:51 am

    How funny! I have made these cookies for many years too (at Christmas time)! You are right – they are SUPER good! Thanks for the cookie sandwich idea – that would make them even better!

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