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May 12, 2010 / littlefooteslab

weird conversation

I was mowing my lawn this afternoon, just getting into the front yard, when I noticed my neighbor planting something in her yard.  I said hello and she seemed to want to chat so I strolled over.  We chatted about our yards and different ideas for things.  We chatted about the Farmer’s Markets around town and the convenience of the one that will start next Wednesday (May 19th) on N. Interstate.  Then, somehow, we were talking about crabbing.  Oh I know, it’s because I asked if they had taken their boat out yet this year.  She said they had not yet, but maybe soon.  Then she mentioned that they had gone crabbing in it last year and she didn’t think they would do it again because the cooking process had gone so badly.

She thought she knew how to do it, but clearly she didn’t because I guess the crab went into the “hot” water and immediately tried to climb out and just kept on coming at the lid and somehow the little crab got out of the pot and was pinching at her and her husband’s feet!  Then, I think they got things figured out and cooked the crab.  They felt bad because they felt like they had tortured the crab and didn’t want to eat it after all that.  So it was wasted.  They had something else for dinner.  No crab.

So weird.

Then, I finished mowing the lawn.



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  1. moma / May 12 2010 9:08 pm

    Fascinating. Sometimes I’m tempted to become a vegetarian.

  2. Molly / May 13 2010 9:48 am


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