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May 16, 2010 / littlefooteslab

Strawberries are delicious

Strawberries are one of the best fruits that grow in Northwestern Oregon.  It is a fact.

I have a little patch of strawberries that I am hoping will supply me with mountains of berries in the next few months.  Truthfully, I expect to only get a bit of fruit off of these plants this is their first season.  But, I will savor every last one of them.

It’s just that there is really nothing like a fresh from the garden Oregon grown strawberry.  They are smaller than the California grown ones, but they are so sweet and flavorful, no one minds their smaller stature.

Come on little plants! Grow!

Here are some things I’d like to try this year. . .

strawberry sorbet

strawberry margarita

strawberry freezer jam

strawberry tart with shortbread crust

strawberry ice cream

grilled salad with strawberry balsamic reduction

strawberry blackberry margaritas

whoa momma spring salad

Okay, as I am looking through the internet for recipes, it is making me really hungry, and all of them are sounding good.  That doesn’t make for a very good recipe round up.  It does make me anticipate strawberry season even more.  So, it seems that the only solution is to say these are some recipes I’d like to start with and we’ll have to continue this conversation another time.  Perhaps once the berries come in?  Are there recipes that you like to make each year with local strawberries?



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  1. moma / May 17 2010 8:48 am

    Yes, strawberry bread. I haven’t made it in ages but Mike likes it a lot.

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