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May 17, 2010 / littlefooteslab

Balancing act

I was going to write a post about unemployment and working in architecture, but it got too depressing.  So instead I am just going to say that today has been a really good day.

here’s why. . .

  • I shipped an order that was placed over the weekend.
  • My mom came over to visit for a bit and I showed off my yard and garden.  It really is remarkable how much different it is since I bought the place. (I’ll do a “one year later post” next week on the anniversary)
  • I received another order for a mustache pacifier
  • Leftovers for lunch.  Yay!  Easy and tasty!
  • Went to Lowe’s and found some super cheap plants on the half dead rack.
  • Had a weird but fine conversation with a guy there on the garden hose aisle.
  • Worked in the garden a bit.  I got the soaker hose installation completed and planted some starts that were ready.
  • Did a bit of weeding.
  • Came inside just before a HUGE rain storm came through.  It was really pouring!
  • Took care of some paperwork stuff that I always put off.
  • Now, I am writing here. : )
  • Next, I am going to work on a special mustache for a friend as well as a couple of other projects for the shop.

The balancing act part is that I feel like there are lots of projects that I’d like to work on that are just for improving my home and my self, but I need to keep pushing forward with my online shop and work towards getting my products into local shops.  It’s hard because I enjoy both things and it can be easy to ignore one while working on the other.  (all the while trying to figure out a full time job in architecture. And trying not to stress too much about it so that I can make the most of every day)

Most things are going well.  It’s just a weird time and an unexpected situation that I find myself in these days.

I do, however, have a new umbrella in my yard.  Please stop by and enjoy it’s shade with me.


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