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July 27, 2010 / littlefooteslab

Deluxe Toasty Woasty

MMMM…. I had such a yummy lunch today.  Inspired by Leslie Shulhafer, I made my version of her dish, The Toasty Woasty.  Hers starts with an english muffin and includes cheese , it’s toasted all together in the toaster oven or under the boiler, but I didn’t want to heat up my house as much as either of those options, and I also wasn’t feeling too cheesy at lunch, so I made my own version.  It’s called the Deluxe Toasty Woasty.

  • Toast two slices of whole wheat sour dough.
  • smear some home made ranch dressing on each slice
  • cover with sliced fresh picked tomato
  • sprinkle with chopped fresh basil
  • dust with pepper
  • dig in!

So good you guys!  I want some more please!

Thanks for the inspiration Leslie



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  1. moma / Jul 27 2010 9:52 pm

    i demand taste-o-vision!

  2. Sarah Richard / Jul 28 2010 2:42 pm

    I just ate lunch and i still want to eat this!

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