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August 27, 2010 / littlefooteslab

Last Thursday

Mom and I set up Littlefoote’s Lab on NE Alberta St. last night for the August Last Thursday Event.  I didn’t have a ton of sales, but I did make some, so as we said last night, at least we didn’t get skunked.  It really felt a lot like fishing, probably because fishing was sort of fresh on our minds from spending time at the cabin recently, but I guess sometimes the fish are biting and sometimes they are not.  Either way, enjoy the time on the lake . . . er . . .  street in this case.  The people watching was FANTASTIC as it was last time.  No stilt walker troupe, but there were cool jelly fish dancers.

Also, I met Portland Mayor Sam Adams!  And he gave me a bunch of complements on my Mustache Pacifiers.  :D   He was there for the entire event, and came back by my spot several times.  I should have asked him how he was going to help me get a job, but it was hectic, and he was charming and giving me lots of compliments, so I couldn’t make my brain ask any of the tough questions.  So, Mayor Sam Adams, if you read this, How are you, as mayor, going to help me get a job?  (Buying a Mustache is a start.)      : )

And there were about a million police there.  We had police on foot, police on bikes, police in cars, and police on horseback.  And pseudo-police, “event staff,” by the gajillion too.  I guess last month’s snafu over the 7 year old girl’s lemonade stand really brought city hall out in full force.  Also local news KOIN 6 was there and took a bunch of photos of my stuff and hung out at our corner because that is also where the police were gathered and Sam Adams for a while.  It was a busy spot, but this is the type of thing that one has to deal with when one’s so awesome ;)  Mom and I figured they couldn’t help but be attracted to our awesomeness.

the sign!

This guy posted a pic of my sign on his blog.  The sign was great!  Next time I have a few changes to make, such as make it double sided since the wind made it turn a lot, and add a strip across the bottom with my website.  A LOT of people took photos of the sign, and I just kept kicking myself for not having the name on it so it would be in all those photos.  Free advertising!  Next time, I’ll be ready.  This time it was more of a cool, low key, in the know sort of advertising, which only works well once your established.  Think Nike Swoosh.  How often do you see the Swoosh vs. the word Nike?   (yes, I did just compare my business to Nike.  I’m dreaming big here folks.)  We overheard many phone conversations whit people using the sign as a landmark for reconnecting with friends.  That was also rad.

A dude played the Hurdy Gurdy for a while near us.  That was cool.

There was a cool band who I thought was called The Lord’s Own Bible that played by us for a while, but I can’t find them online searching that name, so I think I have it wrong.  (Mom, do you remember their name?)

All in all, it was a fun night.  There were about a million people out for the event and most people were having a fun time.  I know it’s hard on the neighborhood, and I can sympathize with the people that live over there that it would be really inconvenient, but it is also part of what makes that a cool place to live, and it attracts people from all over to our city (we saw a ton of exchange students as well as people traveling from all over).

Next time, come on by and say hello.  Stay for the people watching.  It’s great!



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  1. Jessica Ramey / Aug 27 2010 10:13 am

    The sign looks awesome. It’s hard to tell by the photo but how big was it? I’m glad you are getting some exposure with your cool baby mustaches. I think you are a total genius!

    • littlefooteslab / Aug 27 2010 10:16 am

      Thanks Jess! The sign is 3 feet tall by 2 feet wide. People could see it from way down the street. So fun! I think YOU are a total genius!

  2. moma / Aug 27 2010 12:04 pm

    That was a blast! Sign me up for next time!
    Hmm, I don’t remember the name of that band but they were good! I’ll let you know if anything occurs to me but, please, don’t hold your breath. : )

  3. Rebecca / Aug 27 2010 12:27 pm

    Sounds like it was a great time. Love the sign and that you could see it down the street.

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