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September 13, 2010 / littlefooteslab

The National

Last night I had the super fun chance to see The National in concert in downtown Portland. (more about The National)  As part of MusicFest NW, Pioneer Courthouse Square was turned into a venue, and the place was packed last night.

I have to give a HUGE Thank You to my friend Matthew.  He gave me his ticket and let me accompany his wife, my friend Melissa, at the show.  He claimed to have projects at home to work on, but I think he was just being super nice and knew how much I would enjoy the show.

Matt Berninger, vocalist for The National, was awesome.  The whole band was great actually.  They all seemed to be having a great time and they played great.

some favorite highlights from the show:

  • “This is incredibly pleasant”  – it really was and Matt Berninger summed it up pretty well in between songs with this quote.
  • Matt Berninger referenced Flight of the Navigator. . . ‘nuf said.
  • There was a dude there wearing the concert shirt from the 1995 REM Monster tour.  I was there.  Sarah was there.  I can’t believe that was 15(!!!!!!) years ago!
  • When the band came back on to do the encore, they threw out “$4 worth of garbage.”  It was glow sticks!  How fun and unexpected!

Ah, The National.  I think you are my new band crush.  So entertaining and your songs are often playing in my studio.

As a side note, I am so glad MFNW finished up in such a classy way this year.  Last year, Sarah S and I checked out the last show of MFNW, Modest Mouse, and were left with a real bad taste in our mouths from it.  Modest Mouse did not put on a good show, they were not fun, they were rude and COMPLETELY self absorbed, the opening bands were not good, the crowd was obnoxious.  I will not see them again and I don’t even listen to their music anymore.  I was glad that we didn’t buy the tickets to the show (we got in using our friends MFNW passes that they were unable to use)

THIS YEAR, things were different.  The National put on a great show, the openers were good (at least as much as I heard of them) everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves onstage, outdoor concerts are great!, the crowd was generally easy going, the music sounded good, everything about it was awesome and I will continue to be a fan for a long time.

Thanks again Matthew and Melissa!

—-I must be getting old though.  I wore sensible shoes that didn’t really go that well with my outfit so that my back wouldn’t hurt as bad after the show.  —-


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  1. moma / Sep 13 2010 5:18 pm

    ya had me at glow sticks!

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