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October 19, 2010 / littlefooteslab

something I am not doing.

I am not making these:

pumpkin pie pop tarts with maple glaze

Nope. I’m not doing it.

If I do it, I will eat them all. I decided that the only way to be honest about it was to call the batch one serving and just know that is what would happen.

So, I am not making them.

But I really would like to try them. So, if you make them, may I come over and eat one little piece?



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  1. moma / Oct 19 2010 1:47 pm

    Oh my gosh! Those look so good1 i think I WILL make them and you may have a bite!

  2. Rebecca / Oct 19 2010 5:43 pm

    yup, I am not making these either. They look fantastic.

  3. Dan / Oct 20 2010 12:32 pm


    I bet I will make these for Thanksgiving! along with my pecan pie :)

    I am even going to share!

  4. Casey / Oct 20 2010 6:23 pm

    I’m not making these either! They wouldn’t make it out of the kitchen.

  5. Rebecca / Oct 23 2010 8:59 am

    Girlfriend, I say we all make them together and share the single portion of goodness! Thanks for the intro to a new-to-me food blog, and LOVE the mistletoe vision!!!

    • littlefooteslab / Oct 23 2010 1:31 pm

      Let’s do it! I’m glad you like Joy the Baker, I love her!

      I’m also glad you like the Mistletoe. I’m pretty excited about it. I think it’s super cute!


  1. pumpkin pie “pop-tarts” « littlefoote's lab

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