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October 24, 2010 / littlefooteslab

Big Day

Today has been a big day for Littlefoote’s Lab.

It started out with a special delivery of a Mustache Pacifier to my little friend Darrell, he turned 6 months old yesterday, and needed the mustache to complete his Halloween costume of Luigi. His dad will be dressed as Mario and his mom as Princess Peach. I am certain they will look smashing.

Then, I rushed home to put the finishing touches on my inventory for the Crafty Wonderland Pop Up Shop. Once ready, I took the whole collection downtown, to 802 SE 10th Ave, Portland OR. They took in 24 adorned pacifiers, 4 each of 6 designs, and 4 pillows, 2 each of 2 designs. So cool to be included in this awesome group of local artisans!

The pacifier designs include:

  • handle bar mustache
  • fu manchu
  • goatee
  • big kissing lips
  • snow flake
  • mistletoe

shop early for best selection!

Then out to SE to check on Kitty Shulhafer. She’s fine. more interested in napping than visiting with yours truly. Typical.

Then to the grocery.

Then home with my bags bursting with good stuff. Once home, I realized I had to do a little cleaning out of the fridge to get my new food in. It was time. And garbage day is tomorrow, so it all works out nicely.

Then I made a pot of yummy soup. Coupled with some hard cider and a buttered roll. I am all set. Bring on fall! Whoa. There’s thunder as I type!

Just a few minutes ago, I got word that Littlefoote’s Lab has been accepted into this years’ CRAFTY WONDERLAND SUPER COLOSSAL HOLIDAY SALE! (their caps) (but I like ’em) On Saturday and Sunday, December 11th and 12th!

I am super excited and also kind of nervous. I have a lot to do and figure out before then.

but mostly just


Mom has offered to help me out during the sale. She is the best. She also spoke with one of my Aunts, and she would like to help out as well. I love them! My family ROCKS!

here is what I brought to the Pop-Up-Shop:

I wanted to make more pillows, but I just didn’t have time. Everything takes four times as long as it should when I imagine it in my mind. But, life is good. Life is very good.



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  1. moma / Oct 25 2010 7:26 am


  2. Jessica / Oct 25 2010 8:46 am

    I am so very excited that you will be part of the Crafty Wonderland Holiday Show! I went for the first time last year and was AMAZED at all the talented artisans. You will fit right in and I look forward to visiting you there! Please let me know if you need any help too! Hooray for you! :)

    • littlefooteslab / Oct 27 2010 7:24 am

      Thanks Jess! I hope you can make it to the sale. Also, thank you for offering to help out. I have a TON to do to get ready, I really need to make a plan of attack. eek!

  3. Jessica Ramey / Nov 7 2010 6:33 pm

    I just emailed my friends and sent them your link. Hopefully a few of them will attend the fabulous sale with me. I’m quite giddy thinking about it!

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