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November 3, 2010 / littlefooteslab

Still Hanging Around

Well, I hurried home after work to take advantage of the BEAUTIFUL day to mow my lawn. It needed to be done. I hurried through the front yard then made my way to the back.

The sun was going down fast.

Pushing, cutting, back and forth. Sigh.

Then. On my back fence. My Praying Mantis! I think it’s the same one that was on my front door frame two weeks ago.

as seen here:

Yup. Right at eye level. Scared me a bit.

He (she?) stayed over night right there and wished me a good day on my way out the door the next morning.

I think he lives at my house now. I wonder if it’s the same one that  I had on the yard last summer? (2009) Or maybe a child of that one.

I’m hoping he eats some of those spiders that are living in my yard and on my front stoop and door frame. Those spiders are numerous. Eeee!

The light was too low to get any photos tonight, but I am convinced it’s the same one.

Okay. I better get back to work eating my leftover halloween candy making things to sell at Crafty Wonderland.



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  1. Rebecca / Nov 3 2010 10:31 pm

    Oh man that is what I should have done today, mow the lawn before it starts raining again.

    • littlefooteslab / Nov 4 2010 8:22 am

      Maybe tonight? It’s hard to get all this type of stuff done when they make us work during the day!

  2. moma / Nov 3 2010 11:03 pm

    Could it be a neighbor kid in costume?
    Hey, save some Crafty Wonderland work for me, please!

    • littlefooteslab / Nov 4 2010 8:22 am

      don’t worry. there is a TON of work to do. when can you come over?

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